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The AD100 was significant enough, and/or its FORTAN compilers sufficiently standard, to have garnered third-party support for FORTRAN tools.

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The Applied Dynamics AD100, and ECL-based multiprocessors with 65-bit (yes, 65, not 64) floating point, did 20 MFlops in 1981. There are a couple of hundred installations, or more, the majority of which are in California. The company was a University of Michigan Aerospace engineering department spinoff located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and founded by three UM profs. Their focus was/is on real time applications, their system had lots of special hardware to interface to r/t equipment. The company still exists although they are not selling many of these expensive machines any more, and they have a web site at It had a minimal operating system, and in addition to Fortran supported their in-house parallel simulation language (ADSIM) derived from CSSL, for systems of odes.

-- Alan Heirich (Note: This address is no longer valid).

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